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Future Master in Surveying Graduate

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Interested in your Master of Surveying? Jack Stuart has some great insights!

What made you want to study surveying?

In my final year of school, I was contemplating studying engineering but wasn't sure about the potential job prospects it would provide. Surveying was an option which still involved the same industry but was graced with better job opportunities and also the ability to provide a good mix of indoor and outdoor work. Surveying came across as having many different disciplines including cadastral surveying, engineering surveying, hydrographic surveying, mining surveying etc.

What motivated you to do your Masters?

Ultimately my ambition is to gain my cadastral surveying license in South Australia. Without the first year of the masters, I am unable to become a licensed surveyor. My current year group also consists of motivated like-minded individuals which help with staying focused and striving for success.

What is your vision for your surveying career?

I am currently working in the engineering surveying field but would ultimately like to become a licensed surveyor. After I have finished my master's degree I plan to gain some more exposure in the engineering surveying field potentially moving interstate or even travelling overseas. After gaining some exposure I plan to head back to South Australia where I can begin a training agreement with a cadastral surveying firm.

What challenges have you faced as a student?

I have found one of the biggest challenges to be maintaining a work-life-study balance. Studying and working in the field of surveying has many benefits but is important to make sure enough time is left for study as well as time to complete hobbies etc.

What advice would you give to those thinking of studying surveying?

So far surveying has provided me with some great opportunities. It is an industry which I believe will continue to provide me with many different opportunities. Working in the industry I have found the variety of work to be great with every day involving something different.

For students contemplating studying surveying, I would say persist, work hard and aim high. The more effort you put into your studies the more reward you will get. If you would like some more information about the surveying industry becoming a member of the SSSi is a great way to gain some exposure and meet people within the profession.

What advice would you give to bachelor students who are thinking of doing their masters?

If you are thinking of becoming a surveyor and especially a licensed surveyor the first year of the Master of Surveying is a worthwhile option. If you are thinking of becoming a licensed surveyor; the second year of the Masters is well worth considering.

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