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NO LIMITS to the Strings On Your Bow 

No matter what type of surveying you aim to get involved in, we encourage you to shoot for the stars.


So what’s the difference between being a Licensed Surveyor or Registered Surveyor? Well it all depends on your qualifications through your study pathway. You achieve your licence through a dedicated training programme as a Registered Surveying Graduate (RSG). This training is carried out by a supervisor and you will need to pass the training and examination requirements of the Surveyors Board of South Australia. Once you’ve passed you’ll become a Licensed Surveyor.


As a Licensed Surveyor you will be right across the identification and measurement of property boundaries. You’ll undertake surveys and planning applications for land subdivision and community titles, as well as being qualified to conduct surveys and authorise your legal documentation. You can also work in areas other than land boundary definition such as engineering, mining and hydrographic surveying. 


If you would like to further your skill set and potential career opportunities you can undertake a
surveying degree to become a Registered Surveyor.

Let your journey begin. NO LIMITS. You’re on your way!

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