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Modern surveyors are armed with the very latest in cutting-edge technology. This allows the surveyor to access trickier locations, build more detailed models, and capture higher resolution data faster. 

Surveyors get to play with; 

Laser Scanners that can capture over a million points-per-second to create high-resolution 3D digital recreations of the world around us.

Robotic Total Stations that can measure and position the location of large infrastructure projects such as skyscrapers, large bridges, or tunnels to within a few millimetres.

Remotely Piloted Autonomous Vehicles (RPAS) or ‘Drones’ that can survey industrial parks, hundreds of kilometres of road or whole quarry sites in an afternoon’s work.

GNSS (also referred to as GPS) where we can position points on the earth to within 20-30mm using satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of over 20,000km.


Precise Digital Levels that can transfer the height between two points to an accuracy of less than 1mm (less than the thickness of a toe nail!).

Innovation in Technology. NO LIMITS. Time to Explore!

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