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Joe's Ultimate Adventure

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

After 29 years in the industry Joe D'Aloia shares what he's really enjoyed about his career in Surveying.

To understand why we believe a career in surveying is the ultimate adventure, you just need to sit down and chat with Joe D’Aloia, an experienced Licensed Surveyor currently working as Survey Manager for the Energy and Resources market sector at Fyfe, in Adelaide.

With 29 years of experience under his belt, Joe’s career has provided adventures in locations he never imagined.

Joe started his career in December 1989 with John C Bested and Associates where he spent 2 years before accepting a part time role with Fyfe in 1991. Working hard to be noticed and to leave his mark he was amazed when Ross Fyfe knew his name. By 1993 his hard work paid off and Joe was made a full time employee.

In 1994 Fyfe won a contract with the South Australian Department of Roads and Transport, this is where the adventure really started to kick off. Joe got a taste for life as a surveyor on the road, doing cadastral work with licensed surveyors, and knew he wanted to do more.

Fyfe won the Santos contract in 1995 and Joe was sent to Cooper Basin in the Northern area of South Australia where he would discover what it was like to work outside on a 50 degree day. That didn’t slow him down, from here Joe started his oil and gas adventure. Imagine being paid to go 4WD over 25 metre sand dunes, seeing rare flora and fauna in remote parts of our country and meeting people from all over the world. This became Joe’s life, even the occasional rescuing of a muddy tourist.

One of the highlights of Joe’s career has been spending over 100 hours in helicopters surveying pipelines. Joe has worked in South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Queensland as well as some international travel.

Throughout his adventures Joe gained his cadastral surveying license in both South Australia and Queensland. He has served on many committees and was honoured to take on the role of Treasurer and now Chairman of the South Australian Surveyors Board.

Today Joe spends his days playing with high end technology and surveying equipment whilst managing survey crews and large scale contracts with major clients in Australia.

Talking to Joe while he thinks back over the last 29 years it’s hard not to notice the smile on his face. Everything from the remote locations, the people, friendships and being a part of a worldwide advisory board has fed his passion for surveying. Joe’s success has come from always saying yes and a willingness to give anything a go. When asked what he’s enjoyed the most his answer was simple, “the adventure”.

Visit our Becoming a Surveyor page to discover the pathway to your own rewarding career in Surveying.

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