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Why Surveying is the Ultimate Adventure

Surveying offers variety, interest, longevity, security, advancement, good salaries and community respect.


Surveyors can work in high density cities to very remote and isolated areas, or even travel the world. We do everything from reviewing terrain from helicopters, to surveying the oceans and environment, to subdividing residential land parcels.


Being a surveyor does not have to mean a life spent entirely in the field. Many surveyors work in the office using GIS, cutting edge technology , location analytics, satellite tracking, web mapping and interpreting satellite images of Earth.


While Australian surveyors are among the best in the world, South Australia faces a challenge over the coming decade. Before 2030, there will not be enough surveyors to meet demand. This skills shortage will make infrastructure delivery slower and therefore, be more costly for our state.

Learn about the different Surveying roles HERE






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Technical Pathway
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Professional Pathway

*The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying) commences 2020, students can enrol in 2019 on the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Flexible Entry) as all UniSA engineering degrees have a common first year and then transfer onto 2nd Year of  the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying) in 2020.

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