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No Limits Surveying in South Australia
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NO LIMITS to your Surveying ADVENTURE


What’s it all about? Surveying is the foundation of our built environment, and you can be sure of one thing – expect the unexpected.


If you think you will be doing the same thing day after day – no way.

Get Paid to Travel

Surveyors travel to some of the most interesting places across Australia...and the world. Every site offers a new challenge.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Learn to use cutting-edge technologies like Laser Scanners, Drones or Robotic Total Stations. You could even potentially be paid to get your drone license.

Help Build our Future

Surveyors are crucial throughout the lifecycle of projects. Help to build and design 2D & 3D models or generate drawings and plans of both the world around you and the world still being built.

As a surveyor, you’ll become an expert in understanding the relative location of the world around you; assisting engineers, architects, developers, and clients with the right advice and providing the accurate information needed to get the job done.

While Australian surveyors are among the best in the world, in South Australia there are not enough to meet demand. This skills shortage means there is a world of opportunity for those who choose to study surveying!


You can make a difference. NO LIMITS. Are you in?


NO LIMITS to a World of Possibilities 


The adventure of a lifetime starts here.

(And best of all, you will be paid to go on it.)

Choose a diverse Surveying career and you’ll find that the excitement and satisfaction is endless.  There’s no stopping you. You will be encouraged to forge ahead and work wherever your ambition takes you. Anywhere in the world as a matter of fact – land, sea and space. And whether you’re attracted to the big city lights or the charm of country you can choose where you’d liked to be based.


You’ll have specialised technology at your fingertips to help make measurements indoors and out, create plans and maps and process data. You’ll be involved in everything from reviewing terrain from helicopters, to surveying the oceans and environment, to subdividing residential land parcels. Plus you’ll be involved in all kinds of projects working with a wide range of other professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Planners, Land Developers, Conveyancers and Solicitors, providing vital information for many significant South Australian and global projects. 


There are many industries you can work in world-wide:

Aerospace  |  Archaeology & Forensics  |  Cadastral  |  Construction  |  Engineering & Mining  |  Defence

Environmental Projects  |  Marine  |  Space  |  Police

Surveyor services can include:

~ Property Boundary Surveys 

~ Land Subdivision and Management 

~ Planning and Environmental Management 

~ Engineering and Construction Surveys 

~ Petroleum and Mineral Exploration 

~ Mining Surveys 

~ Topographical Mapping 

~ Control Surveys 

~ Hydrographic Surveys 

~ Photogrammetric Surveys


The first step to becoming a Surveyor is to study for a diploma or degree, depending on the level of surveying you would like to undertake. Click here to see the various tertiary pathways into a Surveying career. Surveying offers variety, interest, longevity, security, advancement, good salaries and community respect.

So what are you waiting for? 

Let your journey begin. NO LIMITS. You’re on your way!

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