Calder Award 2019

The Surveyors Board of South Australia celebrates annually the J.B and J.W. Calder Award. Awarded to members of the Surveying profession for contributions and high achievements in the profession.


The Calder Award was established by our Board in August 1989.


This year the recipient nominated by any member of the Institution of Surveyors Australia, South Australian Division (ISASA) was the 30th Consecutive recipient (see Honor Board attached).


In the past the award has gone to Surveyors-General, Educators, Chair’s, Executive members, Emeritus Surveyors and Surveyors who continue to contribute to the profession.


The inaugural Calder Award was presented at the ISASA AGM in September 1989 which continued until the 2009.  The Award was moved to the SSSI-SA Spatial Information Day APSEA Dinner and has been a feature of that event  up until last year 2018.

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To celebrate the 30th Award Presentation it came  “home” to the ISASA AGM 18 September 2019.


The Award was  presented by the Son of J.B. Calder and two of the first presenters from 1989, Mr Simon Wood and Mr Geoff Perry were present at our event. 


Mr Mark Goedecke was the 2019 recipient, nominated for his contributions to the profession.  Mark served on the ISASA Board, he has been instrumental in reviews and recommendations to Government regarding Legislative Reviews and amendments.  He facilitated the complete rewrite of the ISASA Standing Operating Procedures 2019.  Mark has provided mentor support to many young Graduating Surveyors, a Member of the Australian Consulting Surveyors Association, and chaired the SSSi-SA Planning Reform Committee contributing to the early discussions in the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2015.


The Surveying Profession in South Australia is responsible for a huge amount of infrastructure, development, roads, highways, urban developments and rural surveys for the wine industry just to mention a few.


Surveyors in South Australia feature heavily in our history with pioneers like Colonel Light, Matthew Flinders, Charles Sturt , George Goyder, Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Wills & Burke. These pioneering surveyors and their dedication to developing our country provided the foundation for the surveying profession today.

Extract from the monthly publication “Tieline”1989

Jock Calder, Micheal Burdett, Mark Goedecke and Joe D'Aloia
Jock Calder and Mark Goedecke